MS fatigue is very different from the feeling of being tired or exhausted that people without MS may experience following heavy exercise or a busy day at work. Fatigue involves a sudden loss of energy and not being able to continue an activity. It can be either physical or mental fatigue or both at the same time. Oh NO! For me fatigue feels as if I’m an inflatable and someone has pulled out the air-stopper. My brain gets fuzzy, my balance gets worse and my legs feel heavy and clumsy. It’s one of those cruel MS symptoms because there is no warning signal before it hits and can happen when you’re in the middle of trying to do something or getting ready to go out. It can feel like a barrier to trying to live a normal life with MS.

Unlike the limits of plain everyday tiredness, which may give a little when pushed against, MS fatigue can be difficult to recognise what your limits are until you’ve overstepped them. Understandably friends and family can find it hard to understand how your energy can go from 60 to zero so fast. We MSers don’t even understand how that can happen, it’s odd and unsettling. It’s an invisible symptom that can rock your world when it hits. Fortunately it’s not an every day experience and we learn how to deal with it until it passes. It can take love and kindness for friends and family to finally ‘get’ how debilitating it can be and how very frustrating it is to both us and them. So be patient, MS is an ongoing learning experience that takes time and compassion to understand and accept for everyone. ❤️ Ro

I need to take some time off to recharge my batteries.

4 thoughts on “OUT OF ORDER FATIGUE

  1. This explained MS Fatigue so wonderfully that I read it to my husband to help him get a better understanding of it. I had tried countless times to explain how and why it feels to experience. This short article was perfect to help him understand that it’s not just me going through it and that it is a really frustrating symptom that no one can see so almost everyone doubts it’s existence. Thank you, stay healthy and safe!!


  2. Wow. Can you explain that over and over again? It’s so hard to express and so hard for those we love and the ones we interact with to understand. Thanks again for putting into words what MS feels like to live with,


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