With my MS I really try to rationalize the food I eat and make good choices but there are some foods there are no reason to ever eat, like a Cinnabon. Have you ever eaten one, you have to take a nap half way through, it’s kind of a magical vacation experience. And the smell of them baking is like Satan calling out to you…come this way…you need this. Oh, they call it a bun but it’s the size of a bean bag chair. You could actually sit in it and eat it at the same time, but be sure you have pants on, they’re sticky. Standing in line for a Cinnabon is an experience in itself. No one makes eye contact, we’re all feeling a little shame. The face masks help on anonymity. I always say I’m just there for the napkins. If you’re at the airport and you need an excuse to buy one, you can sort of rationalize you’re sick of airplane food and would rather have an 8 pound sugar bun instead. Warning, the people sitting next to you will give you the snake eye and start drooling. My only real complaint about Cinnabon is they don’t deliver. I think the American Diabetes Foundation convinced Congress to outlaw that. It’s a pity. ❤️Ro

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