Fast Food. I wonder if that’s mostly an American thing. And when did the drive through window service first start? I don’t remember that when I was a kid, car hop service was the closest thing back then. At some point after the TV remote was invented did some CEO think, Americans are so damn lazy let’s just tell them they can just drive around back and we can give them their food through a special window with no guilt? No need to bother walking the 40 steps from their car. They even have drive by trash cans for the greasy french fry paper and milk shake cup evidence. Everything is anonymous. One thing I don’t like about drive throughs are those miniature ketchup packets they give you. I’m not a fussy person but by the time I finally get the packet open, it’s enough for 1 fry. If you ask for extra ketchup they likely will hand you 20 packets and by the time you get them all open, if you haven’t chipped your tooth, the fries are cold. I love french fries and especially McDonald’s fries. They have just the right amount of hot grease and salt. I feel delightfully satisfied when I eat a bag of them and surprisingly sad when they’re all gone. Sometimes there’s a little surprise and you will find an unexpected missed ‘bonus fry’ hiding in the bottom corner of the bag. It’s like finding a five dollar bill in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in two years. Just a tiny momentary joy that makes your day! ❤️Ro

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