The English language is a mystery to most of us. I once took a crash course in German for a trip to Austria and I remember the teacher saying most people don’t know that it’s the English language that is one of the most difficult to learn. From our bizarre spelling rules to our free for all grammar and the regional accents sometimes makes it hard to believe we all live in the same USA. The placement of a word in a simple sentence can change the meaning entirely. Example: Place the word ‘Only’ anywhere in this sentence and see how that affects it ‘She told him that she loved him’. Yes, English can be weird but it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though. Word pronunciation is always a challenge too. Logically speaking you would assume if womb is pronounced woom and tomb is pronounced toom then shouldn’t bomb be pronounced boom? It’s also easy to misinterpret the spoken English language. This sentence has 7 different meanings depending which word is emphasized:

‘I never said she stole my money’.

So let’s not be too hard on people from other countries who move here and don’t master our English language. As you can see, it’s no easy lesson and I think we’re all still learning. I is. ❤️Ro

Misunderstanding the English language.

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