So many things have changed since this social distancing has become a part of our everyday life. Drive throughs are the new way of living on the safe side. The grocery stores will shop for you and you just drive up and they bring it out and put it in your car. Pizza places are also on board, just call it in, drive up and they put it in your car, no need to turn off your engine. You can get your prescriptions at a drive up window at many drug stores and some churches are doing parking lot,in your car, sermons. In Las Vegas you can even get married at a drive through wedding chapel like ‘Viva Las Vegas’ although I think it should be mandatory for you to take a DUI breath analyzer test for that. Kaiser Permanente will be doing flu shots next month via drive through inoculations. I think that’s a good idea, however, I am concerned about the rumor they may start drive through mammograms soon and I am definitely opposed to that one! ❤️Ro

Weddings starting at $199. Optional Prepaid Divorce Package starting at $5,000.

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