After studying my husband for the last seven months of stay home confinement, I can say with certainty that women are more complicated creatures. Our brains are just wired differently. I’m pretty sure I could get a grant to study why men leave drawers and cupboards open or even more interesting, leaving drawers open just 1 inch from fully closing. This has been an ongoing study in our house for the last 40 years and still no logical answer, so It has to be something to do with brain wiring. I think men are rather simple creatures. Their list of needs is short and uncomplicated, whereas a woman’s list can be several pages. If a problem situation should arise for a woman, a man is eager to offer his advise on how to ‘fix’ it. Women don’t want that advise at that critical moment. They just want a few minutes of compassionate understanding. Most women already know how to fix the problem. It’s amazing to me how men and women learn to be compatible and live together in peace and hormonal harmony. I guess it’s just called love. ❤️Ro

Man’s simple wiring

Woman’s wiring

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