Well it’s getting closer, Election Day. One reason I’ll be thankful for it to be over, beside the pathetic bickering debates, will be the end to political TV ads, mailbox ads and the political phone calls which Congress protected from the ‘Do Not Call’ option. Oh, Congress and Bipartisan, which just means…too many Republicans and too many Democrats and not enough US Congressmen. It’s scary to think what could be accomplished if they would all work together for the good of the US Citizens. Too many BIG power Egos all around. By the time a person gets to be at the level of a US politician they have been bought$$$ ten times over and often their focus is on the next election instead of the next generation. Sometimes I think if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. Anyway, this 2020 election fits right in with all the other craziness of this year. Now go Vote 🇱🇷, maybe it will be counted. 📪 ❤️Ro

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