Everybody talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it. It’s sort of like the weather report for Congress: ‘Two to three feet of Drama with Bullsh!t blowing in from all sides’. I’m wondering why do we need a weather report 3-5 times a day on the newscast? Have we just decided it’s the way it always has been even though they are probably not really needed? There is a weather app on my phone that will give me an accurate 5 day forecast for up to 12 Cities or Countries and there’s an instant current temperature read on my TV screen 24/7 whenever I push the program info key. My atomic scan clock gives me continuous weather info for both inside and outside my house along with moon fullness and humidity readings. There’s also a weather app on my TV remote control which gives me a 10 day forecast on temperature, humidity, rain, snow, wind and cholesterol reading. There’s even an outside/inside temperature reading on my car dashboard. So why are we so obsessed with weather reports? I could understand the need if you lived in Crazy weather Zone, Denver Colorado, where the morning could be 70 degrees and by the time you left the grocery store, school or your office it could be snowing or vise versa. Those people never know what to expect and that would drive me crazy. On the other hand if you lived in Hawaii, they would only need to give a 3 minute weather report, once a week on Monday morning. There’s a pretty good chance the variance would not exceed 2 percent. I think the only thing we really need, to tell the weather, is a primitive devise called a ‘Weather Stone’ which is a simply 4 inch rock tied to a 15 inch heavy string and hung from a tree. Cavemen used it before Cable TV weather reports. It will give you an accurate weather forecast as follows:

Condition Forecast
Stone is wet. Rain
Stone is dry. No Rain
Ground shadow. Sunny
White on top. Snowing
Can’t see stone. Foggy
Stone swings. Windy
Stone gone. Tornado

Sometimes I wish I was the ‘weather’. You would bring me up in conversations forever and when it rained, I’d be the talk of the day. ❤️ Ro


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