I think the difference between the two words ‘up’ and ‘down’ seems to be an age related thing. Kids love using the ‘up’ word. They tag it on to everything like, hey, wait-up, no, you shut-up, please, let me stay-up, hold-up or I don’t want to get-up and Mom, why do I have to clean-up. Their whole life is in the ‘up’ mode. Then when they become adults and parents, the active word changes to ‘down’. Like hey, slow-down, get-down from there, put that-down, would you keep-it-down and the never ending, just sit-down. Two little words with a big generation gap. I imagine they are being used up a lot during this down Pandemic. ❤️Ro

It’s from the children, they’ed like us to let them in”

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