I know it doesn’t officially arrive until December (tell that to the Denver people who were building snowmen this week) but I just want to say I hate winter, well at least winter in Michigan where I grew up in my early years. I never want to live anywhere again where it’s 7 degrees and that’s the high with the sun shining. I hated all that heavy constricting clothes you had to put on just to get the mail or take out the trash. The winter coats are so thick you have a bizarre walk with your arms sticking out from your sides like the Michelin Man. It’s a scary look on some people, like the old guy at the gas station who comes out to fill the tank. His heavy clothes, odd walk with arms starched out to his sides, grease stained earflap hat and icicle beard makes him look like he may have bodies in his basement. I know some will say, oh but a white Christmas is so nice. I say yes, but back there you also get a white Easter. I remember we had a picnic bench in our back yard. The time frame for using that was about 4 days a year in what they call summer back there which is June 25th to July 30th. Forget Spring, it’s even shorter. About the only thing the picnic table was good for was in the winter you could look out the window and tell how high the snow was. People who haven’t lived in the cold climate haven’t had the daily joy of shoveling snow. It’s an endless job because just when you think you’re done, the snow plow comes by again and dumps a 3 foot potential frozen speed bump at the end of your driveway. So here I am in sunny California and not really hating winter, just hating having to turn the clock back an hour this weekend. Oh don’t get me started on that, I hate it when it’s dark at 5:30 pm. ❤️ Ro

Michigan winter

California winter

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