Oh my, here it comes AGAIN, another birthday. I think once you hit 60 birthdays should be celebrated every 10 years. In my opinion, and at age 75 I am entitled to one, the best thing about birthdays is the cake. Pie can’t compete with cake. Put candles in a cake and it becomes a Birthday cake. Put candles in a pie and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen. I like celebrating life with cake it’s a fun way to forget how old you are. At 75 I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret anymore because the last time I bought sexy undies there, the clerk automatically gift wrapped them. That really bummed me out so I decided to treat myself to a spray tan and thought it would give me a ‘youthful’ glow. But when I got home that night I realized the person in the full length mirror looked more like a wrinkled yam. I got rid of that mirror. People give you strange things as gifts when you’re old. Last year I got a humidifier from one relative and a dehumidifier from another. Not sure what kind of message those were sending but I just put them both in the same room and figured they could fight it out. Mostly birthdays are a way to say, ‘Take that life, I made it another 12 months’. And…just a little tip, if you are my age, stay away from Antique Auctions. Last time I went they bid on me 3 times! ❤️Ro

This may be how the last California wild fire started. 😱

2 thoughts on “BIRTHDAYS

  1. Hi Pat, we are also feeling the stress and strain of being apart from family on the holidays this year. It’s one of those unexpected pot holes of life we didn’t expect. Take care. Ro


  2. Hi RO I agree every 10 yrs. My mom celebrated her 90th birthday this year. She will outlive me. Lol.
    I turned 69 this year. I keep hoping they will one day come up with a cure for MS. Its getting closer to Thanksgiving although everyone will be separated here due to the pandemic. Here in Kansas it seems its a Hotspot. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


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