If you’re forcing yourself to be optimistic about 2021 you’re not alone. I think we are all a bit shop worn from this year and ready to kick 2020 out the door. Good riddance! The true optimists will stay up until midnight to welcome the new year in. The pessimists will stay up to make sure the old year leaves. I think I’m a little bit of both. I just have to believe that 2021 will be kinder. Without Faith and hope I would feel stuck in this ongoing pandemic darkness. My gratitude for this vaccine and the scientists who worked so diligently to create it, is off the charts. I’m not going to make any ongoing new years resolutions, I know those don’t work for me. Instead I will try daily resolutions, much easier to control. One good thing about this new years eve is there will be no stress over what to wear, it’s either blue or pink pj’s. Maybe I’ll get a little wild and wear half of each. So I wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year and good health in 2021. ❤️Ro

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