The idea of living a long life appeals to everyone but the idea of getting old appeals to no one. We are complicated creatures. It’s sometimes difficult to think about the cycle of life even though we all know the final chapter here on earth will one day have a ‘The End’ stamped on the last page. It reminds me of an old blue grass song by I.B. Skunked, ‘Every Body wanna go to Heaven, but ain’t nobody wanna die’. There are many studies on what is the number one fear of most people and it’s not death, it’s public speaking. So does that mean people asked to speak at funerals fear being at the podium more than being the guest of honor? Go figure. Maybe when we lose a friend or a family member our mortality sets in a bit firmer. I know the old saying, the only certainty is death and taxes, but the difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. I’ve lost some beloved family and friends these last 12 months. They were loving, kind and good people and I will greatly miss them, but the one certainty life has taught me is ‘Life Goes On’ and we need to move along with it. It’s easy to take family and friends for granted but don’t let that happen and never miss an opportunity to tell them you love them, over and over again. ❤️ Ro


With such close quarters 24/7, spouses need to keep these tips for a happy marriage in mind: Husbands….

Always love your wife for her personality. There should be at least five you can choose from.


If your husband says He’ll FIX it, he WILL! There’s no need to remind him every six months.

Love your covid Cell Mate, you’ll probably never have this much time together ever again. Please. ❤️Ro


Don’t you wish you could just fast forward to next February so we could see how this whole 2020 mess has turned out. I’m keeping my Faith strong that we will still be here to tell future generations the unbelievable story of how the world came to a stop. It still seems like a bad dream sometimes. The trouble with ‘Real’’ life is there’s no Danger Music playing to warn you. Like if you leave your house without a mask you should hear the theme song from Jaws, warning you there’s a blood thirsty Covid killer on the loose. To those of us who wear a mask to protect ourselves and our loved ones, the person not wearing a mask becomes the danger. What has happened to common sense? I know I shouldn’t get worked up over things I have no control over, or people I don’t understand, but honestly, I would love to break them in two, like a cheap glow stick, and shake them until the light comes on in their little pea brains. Of course I could never do that with my MS balance issues, I would just fall over. But it might be worth it. ❤️Ro


When does season Two of 2020 start, I do not like season One! The buttons and button holes on my pants are starting to social distance themselves. I know a little extra girth on the outside means less than what’s on the inside, just like the refrigerator is also a perfect example of what’s on the inside matters. What?? My mind is like a pinball machine today and I want it to stop but my husband keeps giving me quarters. He’s an enabler and I’m blaming this on him, but I love him and anyway I can use the money. He made me a great breakfast today of waffles and crisp bacon. Yum. Waffles are pretty amazing, they’re so tasty and considerate. It’s like they’re saying, ‘here, let me hold that syrup and melted butter for you in these convenient little boxes.’ Pancakes make no effort at all, they’re lazy and disappointing. I vote for waffles! ❤️Ro

My MRI brain before MS

My MRI Pinball brain today


I am not a morning person. I use to be when I was a working girl. Oh how I hated that 5:30 am alarm clock. It was harsh and cruel but I got up anyway because there was a mortgage to pay. When you have MS you never know what type of a morning is in store. It could be so-so, good, great or exhausting. Sometimes when I get out of bed it’s like stepping on a land mine but I’m the land mine and after the explosion I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces back together. Fortunately that doesn’t happen often. And I still don’t know what all those dang chatty birds are so excited about at 5 am, aren’t the worms still available at 10 am? I think the best part about waking up isn’t ‘Folger’s in your cup’ it’s that you DID wake up and your loving family and friends are there to cheer you on. I feel older when I wake up but by noon I feel more like 55 and for me that’s a good and big difference. So I’ll let the birds have the early mornings and I’ll just get up when I’m ready. Nowhere to go anyway. ❤️Ro

THE 2020 RiDE

So here we are in month 4 and Covid Sacramento hospitalizations have jumped by 50 percent since last week. Fasten your seatbelt, this isn’t Disney’s Mr Toads Wild Ride. It’s more like the Matterhorn on Steroids ride. Dogs are looking at their owners and thinking, ‘See, this is why I chew the furniture’…stress. I found my new empty 2020 Day Planner in my desk today, well that was a waste of money. I wonder if I can send it back to Amazon as defective, not the planner, the year. I never thought that comment ‘I’d never touch him with a 10 foot pole would actually become National Policy but here we are. I’m a mental mess, all this doing nothing is hard because you never know when you’re done. I need structure. Good Night. ❤️Ro

This is the way we roll now.


With this pandemic the whole world is becoming like Las Vegas, everyone is losing money, it’s acceptable to drink at all hours and no one knows what day it is. Remember when we were little and had those cute little underwear pants with days of the week on them? Those would come in handy now. My mom shopped at the five and dime so my pack had two Monday’s which didn’t help. I was much older when I found out there was a Tuesday. I should remember to tell my Shrink about that. My neighbor is always so optimistic and finds something good in everything even the economy. She just reminded me today, gas prices are way down now. Whoopi, that’s like a bald man winning a years supply of combs. Useless. This Covid is terrifying people of all ages. If they cough or sneeze they automatically start to worry they have the virus. If I cough or sneeze I just worry I’ll pee my pants. Who knows what the future holds for us. Probably in 2030 there will be a TV commercial that asks “Were you or someone you love overly exposed to hand sanitizer, Lysol or Bleach during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic? If so, you may be eligible for compensation”. Only time will tell. I now understand why Laura Engalls would become so excited when she would get to go into town with her Pa ❤️Ro

COSTCO Pandemic Cakes. WTF???


Are any of you getting tired of your own cooking during this involuntary isolation? I find we are having much more simple foods for dinner. A simple sandwich and a cup of soup with a banana split for dessert. No just kidding, no split, just the banana. I have removed all the bad food from the house, it was delicious. Now I hate it when I go to the kitchen and all I find are ingredients. Reading recipes now is like reading Science Fiction, when I get to the end I’m thinking ‘Well, that’s not gonna’ happen’. The best thing that happened in the kitchen last week was I got a new sink sponge. Small things like that bring a crazy kind of joy now. And I’ve also discovered the Joy of Cooking….it’s when your husband cooks. ❤️Ro

The wings are addictive.


When you’ve been isolated for 4 months and you start to wonder about things that are totally irrelevant to just about anyone with a ‘normal’ life (whose that?) these are the type of thoughts that invade your dust bunny brain. Just some things to Ponder while you’re eating your Snickers bar today. ❤️Ro

  1. When poison expires, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous? I’m not going to test this one.
  2. Which letter is silent in the word “Scent,” the S or the C? Now this makes me think Wordsmiths from Centuries ago were smoking weed. Crazy.
  3. Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned? They would never win that argument!
  4. Why is the letter W, in English, called double U? Shouldn’t it be called double V? Oh my….I only know Double Mint Gum🎼
  5. Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work. Makes you want to hold your breathe.
  6. Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty. So what’s the point of cleaning?
  7. The word “swims” upside-down is still “swims” Why is that?
  8. 100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses. Maybe 100 years from now they will be saying 100 years ago everyone had a computer/Google, now only the rich have the Google brain implant. SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!😱 .


This is not like any summer I’ve ever experienced. The only reason I know it’s summer is because the air conditioner is on. No good times and tan lines at the beach. I bought a bottle of spray tan but I look like a wrinkled yam now. Oh well it will wash off and I’m not going anywhere anyway. I miss our annual July beach vacation. Girls just wanna have Sun and Seas the day. When I’m at the beach, happiness comes in waves and I can shellabrate good times. I love being by the sea with my loving husband, we mermaid for each other. I always hate when it’s time to leave and then I tell my husband NO, namast’ay at the beach ‘cause I’m happy as a clam here. But alas, sun of a beach, it’s time to go home. So please wake me when the real summer has begun. I have a feeling it’s going to be 2021. ❤️Ro


Nothings easy when it comes to Windows Computer Passwords especially when you have cognitive issues. Trying to get on the Web today….Can you Relate?

WINDOWS: Please enter your new password.

USER: cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.

USER: boiled cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.

USER: 1 boiled cabbage

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces.

USER: 50bloodyboiledcabbages

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.

USER: 50BLOODYboiledcabbages

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively.

USER: 50BloodyBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourAssIfYouDon’tGiveMeAccessNow!

WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuation.

USER: ReallyPissedOff50BloodyBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourAssIfYouDontGiveMeAccessNow

WINDOWS: Sorry, that password is already in use.

I guess that means I have Clognative


I’m not a morning person. Some days I wake at 7 am and get up at 9:30+am. My husband is the early bird. He is up by 6:30, dressed and eating cheerios by 6:45. If I happen to get up then for a quick toilet trip, I need to leave a note on the bed, ‘Don’t Make the Bed yet’,so I can return. Once he asked me what I was doing when he knew I was awake but just lounging there. I told him I was just Thinking. I do my best Thinking when I’m horizontal. I feel like I paid the price for bed lounging privileges by all the years I had to get up at 5:30 am to go to work. I remember how I would dream about the retirement days to come and be able to sleep in. Mornings are different now for me. I need at least an hour in the bathroom to wrestle with nighties off and day clothes on. Simple things like that take much longer with MS. Then there’s hair and a bit of makeup so I don’t scare my hubby or myself. Mostly I need mental adjustment time to get my MS brain ready for the challenges of the day. What a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to laugh and to love and to get up when you’re good and ready. Now it’s really time to get up and have lunch and maybe a nap. ❤️ Ro


Ignorance: the lack of knowledge or information.

I think our society tends to believe much of what they read on social media. Gullibility allows people to be easily duped in to believing things they hear or want to hear. Wikipedia for instance is a ‘wiki’ which means it is a website that allows editing by anyone who uses it, even if it’s not their post. I find that amazing and even more amazing that many people who read wikipedia just assume it’s fact. I was saddened today by the journalists on the street interviewing mostly young adults out in public, why they weren’t wearing a mask. The one response that seem to have a common thread was they weren’t concerned because the seriousness of the dangers of the Covid19 virus were overly exaggerated. Where are they getting information like that and believing it? Some people in today’s world will try to pass off their opinions, which are often fabricated facts, to young open minded people. It’s good to be open minded but it’s important to know when to close it. Now with daily covid19 cases back on the rise, how do you convince these young people they are putting themselves and others, like me and you, at serious risk of becoming a fatality or is it just futile? If ignorance is bliss then there should be more happy people. 🥵Ro

JUNE 24, 2020


I have been craving good Mexican food for a couple of months now and I’m yearning for a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Tres Hermanas, on K St downtown Sacramento. It requires a 30 mile drive from our house but it’s worth it. It’s been torture not to be able to go with this pandemic and now they say California is back on the rise again for positive cases so who knows how long it will be before we go. At this point a 60 mile round trip drive would seem like a vacation to me. I know everybody has their own favorite special Mexican dish even though it would be fair to say most dishes contain the same basic ingredients. I love tacos, tamales, tostadas, nachos, enchiladas, chips and salsa and an ice cold beer. My friend told me my Disney Princess name would be TacoBelle. Tacos are deliciously messy but there’s a solution to that…just eat the taco over a tortilla on your plate, then when things fall out, bam, you have another mini taco. I know you’re thinking ‘You’ve Guac to be kidding me’ but it works great. So for now it’s homemade tacos and I’ll just have to dream about Tres Hermanas. 🌮Ro


Is there somewhere else in the world you’d like to be for a week?

Oh my, as little as six months ago I could answer that within seconds with a list of 5. No more. I can’t even think of one place, well maybe the space station but that would be too expensive and I’m pretty sure SpaceX doesn’t take Visa. The entire world is contaminated. Never thought I would ever say that. Travel is currently pretty much obsolete for my family. I have to take my vacation vicariously through photos of a few friends who are on the road in their sanitized RV. Every July we have a wonderful family gathering (about 21) from all over the USA, in the lovely coastal town of Newport Oregon where son Adam flys in to conduct the big 4th of July Newport Symphony concert. Even though I can’t maneuver the beach there anymore with my MS, we compensate by having a room right on the beach overlooking the magnificent Pacific. I was so hoping this pandemic wouldn’t cause us to cancel this year but here we are at home with no place to go. Newport is also struggling. Their big fish processing plant on the wharf is closed after 124 workers tested positive. I guess I’ll have to rent a travel DVD from our library but I heard you even have to make a reservation for that and last I heard ‘they were all booked up’ 😂 So I will resort to the travel videos on cable. I think there may be 5 or 6 episodes out of 500 we still haven’t watched of House Hunters International. It’s a cheap vacation and if you have an Island in your kitchen and a margarita while you’re watching it, it’s better than nothing. ❤️Ro

90+ days of isolation:

I’ve lost all my vacation selfie confidence.


What I’ve learned over the the last three months of this Pandemic shelter in place, are the things my life has revolved around in the past, entertainment, vacations, shopping, hair cuts, dining out, store shopping and weekly socializing are all things I can actually live without. I don’t know if I will continue to feel that way for the rest of the year if it goes that long, but right now it’s taught me the only thing that really matters is having your family, health and home and to keep yourself safe by reducing risk to yourself and others. The new mandate today, June 18th, by our California Governor that everyone must wear masks in public if social distancing isn’t possible, tells me they are very concerned about the way the Covid cases are beginning to inch back up here in California and several other States. It’s a new way of life for all of us. On line shopping is the new normal now and the UPS Truck has become the new Adult Ice Cream Truck. The worst part of on line shopping is having to get up and get your credit card out of your wallet. On the other hand, if you now have that card number memorized, you may need to ask yourself if you’ve lost control. 😱 So as Paul Harvey would say….Stay tuned for the rest of the story….. ❤️Ro

Today’s Thought:


I miss ‘seeing’ my friends. There’s only so much texting, email and FaceTime you can do before you feel like you are living on different planets, although I suppose with the SpaceX rocket success of sending up private citizens, that may well be a possibility. Hmm, I wonder if that will be considered a long distance call for free in your data plan? Some of my dearest friends of 30+ years have moved to other States. I can’t blame them with the high cost of living in California but I selfishly wish they were still here. Friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them and sometimes you just need to know they’re there. Friends are different from DNA family because we get to choose them. If we could choose our family, I would have chosen Bill Gates as my Dad. When you’ve been friends with someone for 30 years, you don’t even need words to communicate, they can tell by your facial expression what you’re thinking or feeling. They will also tell you when something is hanging out of your nose and not be afraid you will be embarrassed. There are also one sided friendships where you suddenly realize you’re the only one putting in the effort. When that happens it’s best to just stop the elevator and let them off. Due to my MS I have made many new friends over the last three years who also share my chronic disease. I treasure all of them. Sometimes when you meet a person with something so personal in common, you just click and feel like you’ve known them for years and you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. It’s a lovely feeling because when you’re dealing with a chronic disease you tend to put out an effort to always appear normal even when you may be having a day of pain or fatigued. Those friends who understand will let you just be yourself and for that I am forever grateful. ❤️❤️Ro

Some days I’m so scrambled I should wear bacon for earrings.


Your life is not determined by what life throws at you but rather your mindset of how you choose to deal with it. A calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence and that’s very important for good health. Sometimes when you’re dealing with a serious situation or a chronic disease like MS, it’s hard to calm the mind. Our minds have to be weeded of negative thoughts just as a garden needs weeding to grow. We don’t have to believe everything we think, a thought is just a thought, positive or negative, and you can entertain a thought without accepting it. A healthy positive mindset is so important in dealing with a chronic disease, the good Lord gave us a body that can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince. Your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy depending on if you choose to dwell in the past or spend time fearing the future instead of concentrating your mind on the present. The mind is a complicated mystery, it can feel like a browser with 2,000 open tabs, all at the time and it is like a computer so be sure you’re the one programming it with positive thoughts. ❤️Ro

P.S. It’s good to be Open Minded, but not so open that your brain falls out.


I have nothing in common with people who wash, dry, fold and put away their laundry all in the same day. For me, that’s a 3 day process. OK, maybe 4. Now that summer has arrived there are more clothes to wash. I’m so thankful for washers and dryers. As a kid, we had a washer with a wringer and each item had to go through the wringer after the rinse cycle. Then out to the backyard to hang and sun dry. Also had to keep an eye on the weather for rain coming. In the winter we hung things in the basement to dry. By the way there are several vintage washing machines available that range from $400. to $1,000. today. Oh I miss the smell of sun dried sheets bleached by the sun. I think most home developments now have CC&Rs to prohibit clothes lines. Rather a pity but I wouldn’t be able to maneuver clothes pins and hanging items anyway with my range of motion. I’m lucky if I can get my bathrobe on the hook on my door. It often takes more than one try. So today I will be grateful for washers and dryers and dishwashers and remote controls for fans and TVs. All things considered, I think I have it pretty good. ❤️Ro

And you thought I was kidding.


The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness. I’m pretty sure about 1/3rd of my life has been standing in the middle of a room trying to figure out what I came in there for. Forgetfulness can sometimes be a form of freedom if you can forget your troubles. I no longer tell myself I don’t need to write things down, I won’t forget it. Ha. My brain can sometimes be like the Bermuda Triangle, stuff goes in, never to be found again. It’s good we have people to support us and help us remember things. I just bought some new shoes with memory foam in them and I’m going to be trying them tomorrow, if they don’t work, I guess I’ll just have to embrace the wonderful mess I am and be happy. ❤️ Ro


When friends or family ask a person with MS “How are you?” or “How are you doing?” It’s hard to know what to reply. We may look good but there’s often a tsunami going on inside us. No one really wants the details of the tsunami and we really don’t want to give them either. MS can be like frosting on a bad cake, you can’t see what’s on the inside unless you take the time to cut it open. Ouch. So the short answer we give to ‘How are you?’ is a plain vanilla, OK or Fine. After all ‘How are you’ is really just a greeting, not a question. But just to spice things up a bit, the next time someone asks you ‘How are you?’ try one of these reply’s:

If I had a tail I’d wag it.

If I was any better, vitamins would be taking me.

Armed and dangerous again.

My lawyer told me I don’t have to answer that question.

My psychiatrist says that I shouldn’t discuss that.

Alright so far but stand by for action.

Fair to partly cloudy with a possibility of thunder.

I will leave that up to your imagination.

Well, I’m still under renovation, check back later.

Well, I think I’m sober now, how ‘bout you?




I started treating myself last year to pedicures. Mostly because my spastic range of motion is compromised and I can’t reach down far enough to paint my nails with a steady hand. Believe me the last time I tried to put on red polish it looked like I had been in a bad accident. Nail Salons are still closed in my County but hopefully will be open by the end of June. It’s summer and you really shouldn’t be wearing sandals if your feet look like you could swoop down from the sky and catch your dinner from the lake and you can exfoliate one foot with the other one. A great pedicure can be soothing to the soul as well as the sole. So I look forward to indulging in a lovely foot rub and pedicure as soon as I get the green light. ❤️Ro

Pandemic Toes


After a few days last week of those triple digit California temps, it’s nice to have beautiful mild temps again. Of course we all know this is only temporary and July and August will make up for it. People with MS have to be cautious of heat. MS damages nerve cell signals to our body which means it doesn’t always respond the way it should. Heat can slow these signals even more and MS can also affect the part of your brain that controls your body temperature. So as the summer heat starts to climb I’m going to be very thankful for fans and air conditioners. I’m stocking up on popsicles, lemonade, and chips. Yes, chips help too and dips are a bonus. ❤️Ro

TIP of the DAY

Remember when we were kids and would beg our parent to go shopping with them. The first thing they said to us before we entered the store was “Now DON’T touch anything”. Now it’s 65 years later for me and it’s my husband saying that. Humans are social creatures, we shake hands, kiss, hug and give pats on the back or butt if you’re playing baseball. Being told to not touch anything, including our own face, sends the brain into an emotional state of confusion. Touch is important, it’s fundamental to human communication, bonding and health. As we head in to the fourth month of isolation and social no touch distancing, if you feel you are having serious contact withdrawal, try this mental psych trick. Cut a piece of bread in to the shape of a hand and put it in the toaster. When it pops up…give it a high five. Then make yourself a martini and you will be amazed how much your anxiety has dissipated. ❤️Ro

Give someone you love a back or foot rub today.


I’ve been thinking about what to invest in that could help my dwindling savings account and I think I have a great idea. If the covid19 virus still doesn’t have a vaccine available by fall, there will be millions of people sick and tired of living in pajamas. Solution…The New Snuggie. Yes we can take the next step to daytime laziness and bring back the the New Snuggie. This one will have a built in cell phone charger and an insulated kangaroo pocket for easy transport of refrigerator items. It could even be made in the ever popular camouflage print with hoodie so your kids can’t find you. Maybe the deluxe model will even be reversible for more of an evening wear look. The TV ad will need to be anti real blanket mode. Maybe it could be a woman on the sofa covered with a real blanket and the phone rings. It could show her desperately trying to untangle herself from the grips of the blanket with a confused look on her face. Next scene she has on her New Camo-Hoodie Snuggie. Phone rings, she slips the chip bag and snickers bar safely into the kangaroo pouch and easily gets the phone from her designated phone charging pocket as her kid walks into the room and says “Mom?” and walks out. No frustration and everyone is relaxed and happy. Oh yes, I’m definitely buying the New Snuggie Stock. ❤️Ro

But wait there’s more…order the matching camo socks for just $14.99 + SH


Still being stuck at home in June without baseball is getting on my last few nerves. I feel like I’m in the middle of some freaky Stephen King novel. Last night we had the National Guard protecting our little quiet community from the threat of protester looting. Really. What is going on. The world is out of order. Staying home wouldn’t be so bad if we still had our baseball games. I’ve been watching rerun games from 2012 and 2014, I want 2020! I heard the teams will start playing in July but all the National League will be in Arizona playing with no fans in the stands. Is that baseball? Can’t imagine a home run without the roar of the fans. Maybe they will pipe in prerecorded canned sound like they use to have on some of those old sitcoms years ago. And how about the 7th inning stretch, who’s going to sing ‘Take me out to the Ball Game’ which I always thought was a strange song to sing at the ballpark anyway because we’re already there. The dugout will be creating the only sounds for the game and by the way, speaking of the dugout, I’ve always wondered why baseball is the only sport where the Manager wears the same uniform as the players…why? He’s not playing in the game. I also heard, because of the virus, they have banned the players from spitting. I’m not sure that’s even possible and how are they fined? Is it one large fine that covers the entire game, a sort of spit all you want or are they fined per each Individual spit? Is there a special Spit Umpire for everyone or per team? They have been talking for the last few years about ways to speed up the game. The solution to that is simple, everybody at the plate gets one swing, that’s it, if you miss it, f-u you’re out, sit down. Problem solved. It’s now a 2 hour game and that includes the 50 TV commercials because those commercials are the only way they are making any money. And will they still have the occasional field streaker? Oh that reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote when a reporter asked him if that streaker was a man or a woman and Yogi said “I don’t know, they had a bag over their head.” So all in all I guess I would rather have empty stadium baseball than no baseball. I just really miss it! Batter Up! ❤️Ro

I am on mental overload today and that doesn’t help people with MS. These last few months have been hard on so many levels with this Covid19 taking innocent lives, wrecking families in many ways. It’s hard to come to terms with it. And now the devastation being caused in the streets by protesters from the senseless death of a man. I understand their anger but not the looting and bringing hardships on innocent people like the man who ran his family deli for 29 years here and was ready to reopen it after weeks of having to be closed due to the virus. The violent destruction of his business which was not only torn apart but also filled with water has nothing to do with protesting a wrong. It is a wrong. It gives me grief to see what is happening. I have to keep telling myself this all will eventually end and some kind of normal life will return. Keeping my focus on Hope and knowing there is more good than bad in this world. I’m going to Hope the vaccine for the virus will be coming soon and be thankful for the good people who so selfishly keep working to help us through this pandemic. And Hope that the current situation of police brutality will bring change for the better throughout the United States. I feel like Hope is all we have right now and so that is my focus. May Peace be with you and with our Nation. ❤️Ro


Read this fast:

Olny srmat poelpe can raed this.
I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in what oredr the ltteers in a word are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is that the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Take that remedial English 101 teacher…


A friend sent me an article on book writing. The first rule was to write about what you know. Humm…After some deep thought, which turned in to a nap, I think I could write a very short book on Procrastination. Some family and friends, who shall remain nameless for their own protection, would say I put the Pro in Procrastination. Not sure if that’s a compliment. The older I get, the more I tend to move things to my ‘tomorrow’ list. Ahh yes, tomorrow is a convenient filing folder for me. ‘Tomorrow’ (noun) A mythical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored. Scientists at Stanford have actually discovered there is a gene for procrastination. There is also a gene for gambling, smoking and hoarding or in other words, if there’s a gene for it , there’s a show on the TLC channel for it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just lazy. I’ve been trying to throw a large rubber ball up in the air and catch it to help my coordination with my MS. My sweet neighbor saw me doing that and gently told me I should fill it with air first. I think I’m going to try to take care of my procrastination issues…just you wait and see….to be continued…tomorrow, maybe. ❤️Ro

PS I would rather buy a book than write a book.

Pandemic Love

Love isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairy tale or a storybook, and it isn’t always easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, working together, holding on in difficult times and never letting go. It’s a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and something we never want to live without. Love takes ongoing nurturing and it will grow stronger and deeper if you will not take it for granted. It will get you through anything, even MS. ❤️Ro

Now pass me those chips.


Today’s humor was sent by a friend and just too good to not share. With the economy in a pandemic decline this is a snap shot of the reality of where we are right now:

The recession has hit everybody really hard. My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

A stripper was badly bruised when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

If the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

Parents in Beverly Hills fired their kids nannies and learned their names.

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

Remember….We’re all in this together….ugh!




Have you ever noticed when you’re driving that every person on the road is an idiot except you.
The one thing that unites all human beings regardless of age, race, religion or gender is that deep down inside we all believe we are above average drivers.
What happens to people when they get behind that wheel? They morph into King of the Road no matter how mild mannered they are at home or the office the Road suddenly becomes theirs. And they talk to and about the other drivers even though they know no one can hear them. “Come on Gramps, floor it” or “That jerk is right on my bumper” or “Come on you idiot, turn “
or “What’s this jerkoff doing , look at that, he came right over, no signal, guess he owns the road”or “Look at that maniac he must be going 80 cause I’m at 72 right now, I hope he gets caught”
and of course there has to be a few F-bombs because there’s something about the feeling of safety with the glass window there to protect you. If you were in an elevator, shoulder to shoulder, and someone brushed against you invading your ‘space’
would you turn towards him and give him an f-bomb you idiot…..no never. So why do we do it in a car? We’ve all done it. But when we arrive at our destination and put that car in park, we become lovely, kind considerate people again.
You know you’re an angry driver when Siri says, “Stop in 400 feet
and let me out. “ I suppose it’s all just human nature but I have a doctors appointment this Friday so I’d appreciate if you would stay off the road between 9 and 10am. They will be checking my blood pressure and I want to stay calm on the drive over, thanks ❤️Ro


I wonder how many people who have been staying home for going on 4 months when June arrives, have done a DIY haircut. There are probably enough OMG haircut disaster photos that you could publish a ‘2020 Pandemic DIY Hair Photos’ coffee table book. It could end up on Antiques Roadshow in the year 2080 when your grandkids or great grandkids discover it in an attic box. Value? At least worth a good laugh for sure. This morning my mirror convinced me it was time to take things in to my own hands. Why? I looked like I should be standing on an exit median with a sign that says ‘Help I need $$ for a REAL haircut.’
So I took the hair trimmer and the scissors and started to buzz and snip. I actually think I did a good job on the sides and the top was well… OK. The back now looks like it was cut with a weed wacker with a few bare spots. First rule I ignored was, people with unsteady MS hands should not be using scissors or electric trimmers, ever! Too late for that common sense rule Lady. Now I am thankful for the six foot separation rule and if I should have to go out, the face mask and sun glasses should allow me to go incognito until this mess grows out. Just another day in paradise. ❤️Ro

This guy is a contender for the hair book. Someone needs to let him out of the house!


Remember the old days when you were thirsty and you filled a glass from the kitchen tap or if you were outside, you took a drink from a garden hose? How primitive we were. I can’t remember the exact year bottled water became a phenomena in the USA but once it did there was no turning back. I sort of remember when it was once fashionable to order a bottle of ‘Perrier’ French spa water in the green bottle, ooh la la, when dining out. Then some marketing genius started the National mentality we all needed a choice of what they then called ‘Mineral Water’…good for health benefits. I remember laughing at the thought of paying for water in a clear plastic bottle but of course I had to try it. “Ah, this is good, it’s more watery than plain water. Yes, this water has a kick to it”. I kind of expected to turn the bottle and see a recipe “So that’s how you make ice cubes, you just freeze this stuff”. Oh, but you need a tray, that’s how they trick you in to it. Now it’s just the American way. What most people don’t realize according to the Beverage Association of America is 50% of all bottled water sold is just purified tap water. I guess we’ve come full circle. Doesn’t really matter….gotta keep buying and drinking it….It would be unAmerican not to. ❤️Ro

PS. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Please fly your Flag proudly for those who served and died for our Freedom, God bless America! The greatest country in the world!


In this time of doing nothing at home for 24/7 you can start to feel Claustrophobic which is a form of anxiety. Five finger breathing is a way to calm the mind and body any time you are feeling anxious. It’s very easy to do and even children can be taught this technique. It’s also one you can do in bed to relax before you fall to sleep. Here is how it’s done…….❤️Ro

Breathe In through your nose

Breathe out through your mouth


“Put your shoes on Ruby, we’re goin’ to town”. I remember people would say that when I lived in Georgia years ago. Maybe it was a take off on the song, ‘Ruby don’t take your love to town’? It just meant, hurry up we’re leaving. When it comes to MS and getting your shoes on, there is no hurry up. It’s a full work out for me. My sensible shoes either have zippers or shoestrings. I hated the effort and struggle it took to get my shoes on with my spastic stiff legs. Then I found a gadget called ‘The Shoe Funnel’, an ingenious design that forever took the frustration out of putting on my shoes by myself. You just slip this gadget in to the heel area of the shoe and your foot slips right in. A tug on the attached string and the shoe funnel pops right out. They even made sure left handed people can switch the string to the opposite side hole so the funnel can easily be removed by lefties. I admit I still often need help with the shoe zipping but that’s the easy part. If getting your shoes on is a hassle, try this device available on Amazon. Fortunately, Prince Charming’s Soldiers didn’t have this gadget or Cinderella would still be sweeping floors. ❤️Ro


Today was different. When I woke up, I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I think I could have spent the day there just snoozing away. But my bladder just laughed at me and said ‘Oh No you’re not’. Knowing full well what that meant and what the consequences would be, I unwillingly got myself up and moving. Some would ask why I didn’t just go back to bed. My dear husband had swooped in and made the bed (he actually likes doing that) lucky me, so once I saw that, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I think I’m a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in a body that wants to sleep. I never know what my bed time is going to be, 10 pm or 1am. It’s been getting more sporadic during this stay at home mandate. My husband can close his eyes and be asleep within minutes and it can take me one to two hours and 600 position changes until my body gives in. I sometimes dream of sleep, go figure. So here I am awake and moving through another day at home, doing the best I can until it’s bedtime again. ❤️Ro

I think this is where the word Henpecked originated.


Did you know our handwriting can tell a lot about us. Cursive handwriting can reveal your personality, state of mind, hand-eye coordination and even bone structure by the way you hold the pen, or at least that’s what they said at the ransom note trial. I use to have nice handwriting until MS took over. Most days it’s still fairly good and some days I can’t read my own chicken scratch. I love beautiful cursive writing and I love a rare handwritten letter. There’s something wonderful about opening a letter from someone dear to your heart. You can see them on the page in their familiar handwriting. Knowing their hand moved across that page can make it a treasure to keep. There use to be a time when there were two choices of communication, handwritten letters or typed letters. Now the choices seem endless. I envy those people who have treasured written letters from parents and dear ones from long ago. Reading them now must stir such memories and emotions. A beautiful cursive written letter can be a work of art and I fear they have been replaced by the social media of today. What a pity, truly a pity. ❤️Ro


Have we officially become a nation of Pajama people? This at home stay has changed us in so many ways. Pajamas give you a different attitude. It’s hard to get mad (well not for long) when you have on PJs and slippers. I think it’s a good thing. I have 3 pairs of Pajamas and I love them. My favorite pair have pockets which is great just in case you need to hold stuff when you sleep, it’s like, where’s my day planner, oh yes, here it is, go back to sleep. I like the cute look of Onsie PJs but people with MS would find that design way too difficult to deal with when you’re in a hurry to get to the bathroom. I feel like I’ve joined that exclusive club, ‘Club Bed’ featuring ‘DJ Pillow and McBlanky’. The great part about all day PJs is you never have to get ready for bed. When people call me and ask me what am I doing today and I say nothing, they often offer me their idea of things I could be doing. I have to stop them and tell them they don’t understand, I’ve specifically put time aside to do nothing. I have my PJs on, why don’t they get it? I feel sorry for the people who will have to put on real clothes to go back to work or will pajama nation change the dress code forever? We’ll see. OK, time for lunch and my afternoon movie…’The 1957 Pajama Game’ of course. ❤️Ro

I’m surprised this bottomless pants picture got by the censors in 1957.


We all need to understand the difference between wants and needs, and vice versa.
I want Abs
But I need Tacos.
I need to sleep
But I want better Dreams

Dreams can be work
you know, there I am in my comfortable bed dozing off and suddenly I’m building a 500 foot fence with my 3rd grade teacher. I want a dream
of me watching me sleep.


I really need to do pilates

But I want pie and lattes.
I have no idea where I’m going with this but it’s past midnight and I’d like to slip into something more comfortable….like a coma….good night, sweet dreams. ❤️Ro

MS invades LEGO Land


I think I have too much time on my hands these days just thinking. Overthinking can cause anxiety. During this pandemic I find there are good days, bad days, overwhelming days, and often too tired days. I know we’ll all be glad when we get to the it’s over days. This covid19 doesn’t seem like a mountain we’re trying to climb but more like a mountain we’re carrying around. I guess it’s a feeling of the entire world being out of order that’s so difficult to grasp. I know we will eventually have that normalcy back but it’s hard to keep waiting for it. I hope tomorrow will be kinder for all of us. ❤️Ro

Knock it off Ro


Escalators remind me a lot of an MS diagnosis. What? Why? Because an escalator can never be broken, it just becomes something else…stairs. They should never put a sign on an escalator that says ‘Temporarily out of order, sorry for the inconvenience ‘. The sign should say ‘Temporarily Stairs’ because it still has a purpose, it still can do the job, just in a different format. When we first get that MS label diagnosis, crazy things start to crowd our brains with fear of the future and we are ready to hang that ‘Out of Order, sorry for the inconvenience’ sign around our neck. Nay, nay, we are still in working order, we just have to learn how to be stairs and stairs are important. So get your frame of mind in the ‘stair’ mode and keep movin’ forward one step at a time. You’ll still get where you’re going, just a little slower. ❤️Ro

Hello 911, I’m stuck on a broken escalator”